FKT: Lars Hogne - Mt Waumbek (NH) - 2023-05-24

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Total time
1h 13m 51s

Did not go into this thinking about a possible FKT. Honestly had no idea I’d be this fast as I haven’t really done stuff like this before. Was originally planning to just run up, take in the views, and run down. In reality, I still did that. Summited in 41:10, took a break at the top for a little over 5 min, and then made my way down. My friend and teammate from college, Tyler Sheedy, was also there although there was no point in time where we ran together, as he left about 30 min earlier and departed for the descent upon my arrival at the summit and there was no transfer of aid between either of us. Had no gear on me, just ran with no food or water or pack. Trails were decent condition, rained a bit on the way there, but not too too bad.