FKT: Larsen Ojala - lodge2dodge - 2022-05-28

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1d 7h 55m 13s
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First of all this route was not my idea, it was brought to me by jamie bernard AKA stomp from the "sounds like a search and rescue" podcast, and my friend steve mason, i just happened to be the first one to finish....Steve invited me along and on may 27th at 5:36  AM we set out from the ravine lodge at the base of mt moosilauke, we made the climb fairly quick summiting in 1hr 13min, making it down to beaver brook trailhead at aprox 8 am to meet stomp for the first time who provided water and nutrition to us, where we took off over the kinsman ridge trail and the kinsmans summits to meet stomp again at the lafayette place campground around 1:22 PM for dry shoes and water as it was a very humid morning we were soaked and ready for dry gear, from there steve newly joined lance and i headed up old bridle to lafayette where we parted ways with lance and made our way toward the galehead hut, unfortunately for us as a team steve started struggling around this time from the humid weather and just couldn't eat or drink any nutrition, he battled it out for about 20 miles in the rain  where he realized it wasn't his day and called it at the Zealand trailhead where i split off toward Crawford notch to meet stomp steve, mike, and my wife sarita who  came out to do a midnight presi with me, i then changed my soaked gear out for dry shoes socks and vest, sarita and i headed up crawford path to the mizpah hut and so on throughout the presi in the night with some pretty questionable weather that deterred me from bagging most the summits on the presi that night, after a wild windy night of some off and on puking sarita and i descended off Madison via the osgood trail where i met with brady who came out to support me and my last leg of this, we met up with stomp and steve at 19 mile brook trailhead at approx  9;30 AM saturday where i changed my shoes and got a seltzer for the last 9 or so miles of this adventure, at this point i was able to get my stomach back, brady set a good pace and we got to carter hut and up over wildcat ridge and down to joe dodge lodge at pinkam notch to end this in just shy of 32 hours to meet sarita, stomp, and so happened to meet jack k in person who generously bought me a coke and seltzer....all in all i had a fun time and would love to do it again bagging the summits along the presi someday. thanks to stomp, steve, sarita, lance, mike, and brady for sharing this adventure with me.        -Larsen