FKT: Laryssa Richards - Cabin John Trail - 2022-06-12

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4h 53m 29s

Found this route when looking for different trails in Maryland and thought I'd give it a try. Started later than I would've liked, which also meant it was pretty warm (high 80s) and humid. I almost called it about 4 miles in because I was already feeling the heat of the day getting to me, but decided to continue on and slow down. It is an out and back so I ended up power hiking the vast majority of the out portion and then was able to run some on the way back. I carried 4 20 oz flasks with me and ran out of fluids towards the end. The trail is overall pretty flat and not at all technical. I'd love to come back in the fall and try for a faster time. Thanks to Daniel and Eli for creating this route! :) I don't think I would have tried it had I not found it on here!