FKT: Laura Becker, Steven LaBranche - Nipmuck Trail (CT) - 2021-01-23

Route variation
West Branch
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 22m 50s

Cold and windy day but awesome day for an adventure.  Started at 6 am at the south end on Puddin Lane. Winter time means its dark so headlamps were a must.  Headed north towards Ashford. Trails were frozen and water was lower than in the past but still some spots to bushwhack to get around.  Hit Perry Lane doing a descent pace, but the next half the wind picked up. Icy and snowy parts through Bigelow made us have to really watch the technical sections through there.  Got turned around a few times headed up towards Bigelow.  That place is BEAUTIFUL though! Would love to try this trail North to South.  At the end, we hiked out to Carion Road.