FKT: Lauren Head - Bryce Canyon Traverse (UT) - 2022-10-07

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6h 17m 39s
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Bryce Canyon Traverse, women's unsupported -- A friend dropped me off at Rainbow Point shortly after 7:30AM. I took the full Under the Rim trail to the eastern side of Peekaboo Loop, then the Queen's Garden to Sunrise Point, finishing with the Rim Trail to Fairyland Point where a group of friends were waiting for my arrival. I carried all water (3L) and food with me from start to finish; I had a backup flask with filter for refill, remaining streams were running low and I opted just to skip. I missed a turn shortly after 12 miles (an extremely well marked turn, but it was sharp and I had my head down, so didn't even see it), and ran nearly a mile almost back up to the road before I realized my mistake. I backtracked to the course and continued where I had deviated (the detour is still included in the full time). There were three other instances that I'm aware of in which I deviated slightly from the course, twice in which I missed where the trail picked up on the other side of a dry river bed and followed about 50-100 feet away for a few minutes, and another time in the Queen's Garden where I overshot the turn and backtracked. Moving time is 2 seconds slower than elapsed time, an accidental watch pause while scrambling over a log. Overall, an absolutely stunning day, with temps ranging from 38-70 F. I didn't see a single person for the entire Under the Rim trail, and the maples and aspens were in peak fall colors.