FKT: Lauren Novak - Greenstone Ridge Trail (MI) - 2023-06-01

Route variation
Greenstone Ridge - dock to dock
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
12h 7m 7s

I traversed unsupported along the greenstone ridge trail from the windigo ferry dock to the rock harbor ferry dock. It went well overall, bluebird skies gave me breath taking vistas, yet the sunny conditions made it much warmer than I would prefer. I ran solo the entire distance. I carried and used my own food the whole way and did not resupply. I started with my own supply of water and refilled by filtering water from the very few creeks I could find along the way. This trail has modest to low amounts of vert and was so beautiful and fun to run through. However it's lack of water supply, lack of cell service, hurdle over down trees, and a bush wack detour around a beaver dam gave me a great challenge! So there it is ladies first one on the books, hope to see you go out there and knock down this soft fkt! But please be safe and check it out before hand, chatting up the national parks rangers is a must!


I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren on the seaplane dock just two days after her record setting run.  As someone who was on the trail the same day it was really hot up on the greenstone ridge that day, and the bushwhack around the beaver damn definitely took some time as well. Those things combined help make what she accomplished more impressive in my mind. Congratulations once again Lauren!  Looking forward to seeing what your next achievement is!