FKT: Lazaros Rigos, Alexios Spyrou - Mt Olympus (Greece) - 1990-07-01

Route variation
Litochoro to summit & back
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Finish date
Total time
7h 28m 0s

Lazaros Rigos reported (4/5/2018):

An out-and-back route to the highest mountain in Greece (Mt Olympus, 2918m), from Litochoro town situated at the foothills of the mountain. 
Detailed route description : Litochoro (square) - Enipeus gorge - Prionia - Refuge A - Zonaria - Louki - Mytikas summit. From there exactly to opposite direction on the same route up to Litochoro.
Lower altitude 310m, Highest altitude 2918m. Distance 41,7km. Ascent 3340m. Ascent time 4:21, Descent time 3:07