FKT: Leah Ling - Timberline Trail (OR) - 2020-08-06

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8h 52m 43s

Had an amazing day on the Timberline Trail! I was hoping to find an adventure to cap off a summer of training and this fit the bill perfectly. I hadn't been back to this area since thru hiking the PCT in 2016, and forgot how incredible Mount Hood is! Cool, drizzly day out there today, but luckily got some good views in the morning before the clouds rolled in.

Did this run unsupported and ran alone the whole time. My boyfriend ran the loop as well, but he started 8 minutes before me and I didn't see him on the loop (he is too fast). I used a 16 oz handheld water bottle and got water from creeks 4 times and used a steripen to treat it. I carried all my gels/snickers in a waist belt. I did not accept any aid from the numerous backpackers out on the route.

I look forward to writing a report about today's run, but likely won't get it up for 5-7 days. I will post it in the comments on the Timberline forum page, since when I was preparing I wished there were more trip reports about running the trail.

Please let me know if you all have any questions! If you need more verification, I also recorded my run on Gaia (in addition to my Garmin) and would be happy to send it along if necessary. Additionally, I tried to attach three more pictures but they weren't loading. I can try again to send those too, just let me know! FYI- the picture of me was taken a couple of minutes after finishing.


Leah Ling