FKT: Lee-Stuart Evans - Monarch's Way (UK) - 2018-04-15

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16d 11h 48m 0s

The aim of my FKT was to not only set a fastest time but also create a definitive gpx file for the route that the Monarchs Way Association can use on their website. John Tennant of the Monarch's Way Association was closely involved in this FKT (in fact he was on the course with me at various stages) and is happy with the results of the route taken.

The route required some planning challenges. This included an entire recce of the whole route done on foot by me in the last 18 months, an attempt on the Ultra race for 245 miles and then the actual FKT. We combined the notes I made with the various amendments on the website to create the most accurate route possible. This route will remain relevant with the new editions of the books coming out in the next year or so as we also made sure we followed the website route amendments in all places. This alone was a huge admin task undertaken by Jason Rhodes of the British Army who also accompanied me on foot on the first 105 miles.

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