FKT: Lee-Stuart Evans, Shona Evans - TunxisTrails (CT) - 2020-06-13

Route variation
South trail, one way
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 59m 25s
GPS track(s)

The Tunxis Trail is a CFPA Blue Blaze Trail system near Hartford in CT. It has a total network of an estimated 79 miles but for continuous sections there is mainline 30 mile section and a southern section of about 5 miles. The trail is rugged and scenic despite never being far from urban areas. Highlights for this trail include Tories Den, Lake Compounce , The Mile of Ledges ( which I used as part of my Leatherman Loop) . The trail also runs parallel to the Metacomet Trail which is also part of the New England Trail so you often get views of it in the distance.

The southern section starts at Lake Compounce and finishes 5 miles away near Southington. It has a steep climb at both ends with 3 lookouts, some spectacular rocky outcrops and goes past a reservoir and a waterfall called Tunnel Waterfall. The trail is poorly marked in a few places and difficult underfoot in places but also has plenty of quiet woodland and smooth trail sections.

About a mile from the southern end of this section is roaring brook, You’ll encounter a crossing and see large concrete breeze blocks. Look for a squeeze past the breeze blocks in the direction of the water flow and you’ll find an unmarked path that leads to a superb lookout and tunnel waterfall which has the water flowing from beneath a giant boulder. We have marked the little out and back off the main trail on the gpx map we created.

Full guide with full info here including parking etc.