FKT: Leigh Marshall - The Norfolk Round - 2022-03-26

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3d 16h 10m 9s
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What a great test of endurance and thinking on your feet when tackling this 353Km route self supported on the quiet trails around Norfolk. 

Gear was a bivy bag, one set of clothes for the conditions, stove and some hydrated meals. 

Picked up extra food as and when I could and had to deviate a few times just to get water and bandages for feet. 

I wasn’t expecting blisters so early given the training done but these things are set to try us. 

Breaking it down.  (After work)
Starting Peddars at 1721 Tuesday evening and and run through the night. 

Arrived at Holme at 03:37 Wednesday. 
Had to take a path diversion from Holme and it was a hot day and carried through the day until I took a 30min nap and got to Great Yarmouth 16.00 Thursday evening where I got some food and sorted feet out. 

Last leg, Angles way starting Thursday 1730 and at the start when you are running along Breydon Water at dusk was lush. Knowing the difficulty in navigating this route and with only an hours kip since the start I made a few navigating mistakes so took a hours Kip but temperatures dropped to freezing so that was short lived.

Dawn came and a breakfast feast was had at Oulton Broad - first proper feast since Tuesday lunch. 

Hot day and saving water along the river banks of Waveney was a needed.

Slow going through Friday night with the winding route and tiredness kicking in big time  with only four hours Kip in total. 

Finally daylight broke and the end was near and managed a fast paced 15km to the end and being so out of it I turned my bloody watch to stop at the wrong Knettishall sign by 200m….I did walk to the right one. 

A massive thanks to Norfolk trails team for doing a great job looking after these Trails, amazing countryside, fantastic people met along the way, great wildlife and just a pleasure to have been the first and to have experience this epic run.