FKT: Lena Grobe - Pole Mountain via Sea to Sky Trail, Jenner Headlands (CA) - 2022-09-17

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2h 41m 2s
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This was my first attempt at an FKT ever, and my first time pushing the pace on Pole Mountain via Sea to Sky Trail! I've run this trail before as training endurance runs, so I was somewhat familiar with the route, but I had never run it alone or at a race pace. It was beautiful weather for the run, and the first half was a breeze of moving comfortably fast and enjoying the scenery. The second half of the run, legs started to feel tired from the speed and distance, and the mental struggle started to set in - "Am I moving quickly enough to bust out this FKT?" The big climb up to Pole Mountain Summit really takes it out of your legs, and the steep downhills are not as enjoyable as you'd hope they would be on tired legs! Overall, I love this route and it isn't super technical so you can really practice speed on the downhills. I carried my water (1 bottle plain and 1 with electrolyte mix) and some nutrition (Huma gels and Spring energy). I carried my cell phone too, as it give me a sense of security when I'm running alone in the wilderness.