FKT: Lexi Jackson - Mt Waumbek (NH) - 2024-02-09

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1h 19m 4s

Waumbek Unsupported FKT! After coming within 90 seconds of the FKT this Summer I told myself I’d come back in sendy conditions with fresher legs. Sendy conditions, check. Fresher legs? Definitely not. My massage gun almost brought me to tears last night after a couple big weeks of running but my heart wanted this bad and my legs dragged along. Perfect sidewalk conditions minus some stretches with lots of fallen branches and clumps of icy snow from yesterdays thaw then wind. Almost hard to find the summit. Beautiful pink skies on the way up. Left the pup in the van because I didn’t want to fuck up her shoulder. First Waumbek without her. Bittersweet.