FKT: Liam Cregan - Taconic Rim (MA, CT, NY) - 2022-10-02

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4h 55m 49s

Thrilled to finally be in shape enough to make this happen on my third time ‘round the U. I went out pretty hard and started to pay for it on the descent off Bear, but I managed to hang on through some painful leg cramps and a navigation error to shave 6 minutes off Ben’s time. Surprisingly for the overcast and cool weather, I encountered a rattlesnake on the trail just north of Alander. Because I was moving so fast, I ended up jumping over it before I had time to think much about it. Fortunately, its head was off the trail and I jumped over the rattle. It certainly gave me a needed adrenaline boost as I started the seemingly endless ridge traverse and descent to Bash Bish Falls.

I brought two soft flasks and 10 gels. As I made my way south on the AT, it felt likely that I wouldn't need fill two bottles for the seasonally dry section between Sages Ravine and Bash Bish Falls. There was just enough streamflow between Mt. Brace and Alander to fill up. If there wasn't, I may not have gotten the FKT. 

It appears there have been a few changes to this route since it was last submitted. (1) Both Neil and Ben took a trail that forks to the right from Bear Mtn Rd that has since been closed to the public, (2) there was a small reroute on the Cedar Brook Trail. These are pretty minor changes and don't really affect the route length or difficulty.

Hoping more people come out and run this route. It's a really special route, and the 3.5 mile bike ride back to the trailhead is the perfect way to loosen up and cool down from an effort like this.