FKT: Liam Glen - Abergavenny 3 Peaks Gold (United Kingdom) - 2021-05-08

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3h 2m 32s
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Started/finished from the lights outside Morrisons, instead of the middle of the carpark where the gpx track starts, since it felt a bit stupid to run 50m only to spend minutes waiting to cross the A40! Conditions were pretty wet, with some strong winds on the tops - not ideal for a fast time, but better than forecast at least! Took a decent, but not perfect, line off Blorenge, only loosing a few seconds through the wet rocks at the top. Felt really solid up and over Sugarloaf where I was able to run most of the climb apart from the final pitch. The road section leading to Skirrid seemed to drag on for an age, and then you've got that final wall to tackle! However, once at the top it is a fairly steady downhill pretty much all the way to the finish. I was gunning for sub-3, but in the end had to settle with just over which I'm still really pleased with.