FKT: Lila Myers - Eagle Rock Loop (AR) - 2021-10-16

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
7h 59m 53s

Through the run, I wore a hydration vest carrying 2l of water and a bunch of energy gems. I also brought some nuts but didn’t really eat any of those. I was fully unsupported and used only what was in my vest for the duration of the run. I parked at the winding stairs lot off of FR 106. Started at the junction at about 6:30am going clockwise. All felt great until I went off trail pretty significantly after the second mountain (mile 9 or 10). Walked in circles through thorns until I found the trail again. Pace slowed down a good but after this. Continued up the next few hills, taking a break up top at the junction to spirit rock vista. Again went off trail, adding nearly an extra mile, around the northwest corner where the trail meets mine creek road. This took the last of my mental energy until the last 2 miles after I stopped at Albert pike to talk to a few friendly hikers who boosted my spirits for the final push. Am certain I can pull of a better time in a future effort! What a brutal trail! All of my accidental detours should be evident in the gps data as I never paused my watch the whole time.