FKT: Lindsay Webster - La Cloche Trail (ON, Canada) - 2020-07-17

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11h 50m 57s

This is my favourite trail in the whole wide world! I kept expecting to hit a “dark hour” mentally during this run, but outside of a few frustrating moments when I lost the trail, it was so beautiful the whole time that it never happened! My GPS watch with the route uploaded in to it was soooo helpful, because the trail is hard to follow at points, so I’d recommend that to anyone who tries this next! I also feel that if it’s blueberry season, eating at least one handful of wild blueberries has to be a obligation ;) I also enjoyed an adult sized bucket of Herbert’s Fish & Chips at the end (the best in the world IMO), which my husband told me I wouldn’t be able to finish but I totally did :D

I ran counter clockwise to get the scary ankle spraining stuff over with first, before I was really tired. Started around 6:30 am to the most beautiful golden hour sunrise.

A few splits I took: 

  • 1h12m at the top of the Crack (I got turned around there so I don’t know exactly
  • 4:01:09 at the turnoff to go up Silver Peak
  • 5:18:40 at the Portage (my watch read about 34km in) 
  •  9:15:47 when I passed campsite H16

It was a pretty hot day, so I also took the pleasure of 4 swim stops! Only saw a deer, but also saw the fuzziest black bear on our drive out of the park :)