FKT: Lindsay Webster - Presidential Traverse (NH) - 2021-09-03

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4h 33m 39s
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So honoured and humbled to put my name on this FKT, if only for a little while! In true Washington fashion, the weather said it was going to be great, but ended up rainy/foggy/just above freezing and quite slippery. I think that's only fair, since the weather seems not ideal for everyone who goes after this FKT ;) I've only done this full route once before, but in winter, and I had a bit of trouble navigating in the fog. Thank goodness for GPX tracks on Garmin watches :) I did make a wrong turn and miss Eisenhower, took the lower trail that misses the summit. Once the trails reconnected, I had to run a backwards out-and-back to tag Eisenhower, which made the final hour of this run quite stressful lol! Weather did not deter me from thoroughly enjoying the route, it's surprising how fast the time goes by with summit after summit. Thanks for a thoroughly competitive race, ladies!