FKT: Lisa Gesualdo - Historic Brandywine Trail (DE) - 2021-04-25

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7h 52m 17s
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I ran the Brandywine Trail from the northern end in PA to southern end in DE on April 25, 2021. I ran with 5 friends (Rob, Gary, Eddie, Steve, and Jake). We started around 9 AM. The start was at a pole on the side of a road, which is unusual, and finishes in a park. We were supported along the route by a friend with a car full of drinks and snacks every 6 to 7 miles. The run went well. It got pretty warm in the afternoon, but was otherwise a beautiful day. It was my first time on the trail, and I enjoyed it. It was a nice mix of dirt trail, paved trail, fields, and roads. The scenery was beautiful, especially the sections along the river and the sections with lots of blue bell flowers. It was also nice to follow the historical signs along the way. It was a fun adventure with beautiful scenery and shared with great friends. I would recommend this trail.