FKT: Livio Adessa, Ernst-Jan Prosman - Via delle Sorelle (Italy) - 2023-05-20

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23h 24m 41s
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We left at Brescia around 18:00 and arrived in Bergamo around 17:30. Lots of rain and mud. The start was (too) fast, and we reached Rodengo Saiano around 21:00 and were already at Provaglio di Iseo around 00:30. Before dawn we also passed Paratico and Lago d'Iseo and the first part in the province of Bergamo was done while it was still dark. After dawn, we started to slow down and from Albano onwards, we managed to only run the downhills and the flat parts, while walking the climbs. In Nembro, at 11.00 we met with the organizer of the Via Delle Sorelle as we were the first one to run the route entirely and they were interested in the challenge (the route is opened in April as Brescia and Bergamo became the cultural capitals in Italy. As the shoes were soaked due to the rain, the last stage from Nembro to Bergamo took ages as we had soar feet full of blisters, so we barely managed to run the downhills (which were also very slippery).