FKT: Liz Archibald - Mount Agamenticus 3 Peaks (ME) - 2021-10-23

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1h 18m 8s

Ran alone to attempt the women’s unsupported FKT of the Mount Agamenticus three peaks. I carried all of my water and did not bring any food. Started at the ring road trailhead on mountain road, Took the ring trail up to the summit, wandered around until I found the sweet fern trail and headed downhill where I passed some mountain bikers pushing their bikes because of the rough terrain. Took chestnut trail, porcupine, and ridge trail up to Second Hill. This uphill was the hardest part of the run for me and I wasn’t sure If I was gonna make it. It was also confusing as there are so many trails! I’ve been here before but this was my first time doing this route and I decided I might as well attempt the FKT. I forgot to take pictures/didn’t have time to stop until I got to Third Hill. I took a different route than the original FKT from third hill back to the ring trail, it was pretty mellow and easy and I made good time. Back on the ring trail, it was busy and I had to pass a bunch of people, but I was on the home stretch. A great day out but I wish I had worn shorts and a T-shirt rather than long sleeves/pants! A pretty warm day for the end of October.