FKT: Logan Gabrielson - Adirondacks: Panther, Santanoni, Couchsachraga (NY) - 2021-06-07

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4h 48m 42s
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Trail register to trail register (car to car). 15.22 miles and 6,600' of vert although it's more like 4600-5000' vert my altimeter in my watch is slightly off. Entire Santanoni range going up the Santanoni express first, then down to Times Square and out to Couch and back, up to Panther and back to the car. Completely unsupported, didn't run with anyone. Carried 2.5 L of water in my trail running vest as well as some honey stinger chews and a waffle. Refilled my water in a stream on the way down from Panther on my way back to the car. Trail was fairly dry at least for Adirondack trails during mud season (June 7th, 2021) Only a few super muddy spots and the bog of course. Very warm and humid with a high of about 83 in lower elevations. Cramping in quads and hamstrings off and on the last 6 miles.