FKT: Lori Lynn Gray - Press Traverse (WA) - 1998-07-11

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
15h 30m 0s

We found this TR online which appears to be the women's FKT:

North Fork Quinault over Low Divide to Whiskey Bend. Across
Olympic National Park in one day. 45 miles. 15 1/2 hours. Wahoo!! Whiskey Bend to Low Divide - The Olympics - We left the campground at the North Fork at around 4 :15, with headlamps. The trail on this side of the trip was in very good condition, but very rocky. Trail crews had cleared all blowdowns, and trail was fairly dry. A few trees after the low divide, and trail was great until about Mary's Falls, when it started getting muddy. I was impressed with the Quinault side of the trail, I have hiked the Elwha side many times, but the Quinault side was just as well maintained, although very different terrain.We arrived at Remann's cabin just to find out that one of our party of 8 had fallen a half mile back and possibly sprained his ankle. 3 of us went on to Elkhorn for the ranger, but found him further down the trail a few more miles.So we continued on to notify the families, arriving at Whiskey Bend at 7:45. The fallen guy's ankle was wrapped, tightly, and the remaining 5 hiked out the remaining 13 miles. And they were only 2 hours behind us getting out! Of course the next day, after our champagne brunch, we were informed of the x-ray results... clean and complete fracture of the tibia. Now that is a committed hiker!! We are looking forward to doing it again next year, and may try to get even more to go. Wahoo!!