FKT: Louis-Philippe Loncke - Larapinta Trail (NT, Australia) - 2006-09-15

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8d 8h 15m 0s

The idea was to do the world first crossing of the entire National Park and do peak bagging of 4 of the 5 highest Mountain of the Outback: Zeil, Razorback, Giles and Sonder. So my route started way before the Larapinta. And I went off track to reach Giles so around 95% was the Larapinta standard route.
Check out my times on the excel you can download from my site (link provided with report).
It took 3 days from my start to Redbank Gorge. So the time shown here is from Redbank Gorge to the Telegraph station.
I still need to do a little film with the surviving footage on the tape from the camera and add the photos to do a film for Youtube.
I'll add it on my personal channel I hope in 2021.
Article in the press can be found here:
PS: I've done many world firsts but I might only add the next one (unsupported Kungsleden in Sweden, Aug 2021) if successful as the route is 95% the official trail. 5% sidetrips and packrafting.

Jason Trimmer - Note that this FKT was from 2006 and at that time the FKT verification was by report only. No GPX files or pictures were received for this submission. Louis-Philippe advises that he completed 95% of the Larapinta Trail and also bagged 4 of the 5 highest peaks whilst doing so - an honourable effort to say the least.


The +-5% of the exact Larapinta trail not followed is because I went instead off track to climb Mt. Giles. After the climb I went south to rejoin the Larapinta that I followed to the end in Alice Springs. As the expedition report suggests + the excel that anyone can download from my site. My main intention was the world first crossing of the entire West MacDonnell National Park while peak bagging the 4 main peaks inside. These 4 peaks are in the top 5 highest of the Australian central Outback: Mt Zeil (highest of the state of NT) - 1531m / Mt Giles - 1389m / Mt Sonder - 1380m / Mr Razorback - 1274m. Mt Edward at 1423m but outside the National Park.