FKT: Louise Griffin - Allan King Way (United Kingdom) - 2020-05-25

Gender category
Route variation
Standard route
Start date
Finish date
Total time
11h 40m 53s
GPS track(s)

Whilst this is a beautiful route with a great start and finish point it is very difficult to navigate, lots of it is rarely used so paths are overgrown with brambles and difficult to pass and trail signs are hidden by vegetation.

As the trail is rarely used there were 3 sections on the trail that were unpassable due to local farmers blocking the route either with electric fences, barbed wire or other blockages  (2 x dairy farms and one x horses) which meant I had to find diversions from the route which in one case cost me a lot of time.

Due to local lockdown restrictions in Winchester I also had to find a diverted route to the finish but as this was longer (and the overall diversions and misdirections cost me a lot of extra distance) I have still submitted it.

It was a very hot day day and I carried my own food and 3 litres of water which I had to supplement with a top up from an outdoor tap on the side of a community centre in Tichborne

Parts of this route are beautiful and deserve a second visit but not the complete trail unless it became better maintained or more regularly travelled