FKT: Lucas Horan - San Fran Bay Circumnav via Bay Area Ridge Trail (CA) - 2017-04-29

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I (KK Fischer) am submitting this on behalf of Lucas Horan, who disappeared on December 24, 2020.  
I am including his Strava run descriptions, which give good color for his adventure.  The photos included in this submission are from his Strava activities and his instagram.


LEG 1:
"Come to Jesus Moment"
Started at the boat in Emeryville with Jenelle (Potvin). Within a few hours I developed a shin splint pain that I hadn't felt in 20 years.  I tried to pound out the pain while coming down the Crocket hills, but it only made the situation worse. 
Day 1 and I was already calling an audible.  Only bed I could find within walking distance was in a smokey room at the Vacaville Motel 6.  We had all the windows and doors open trying to air the room out.  I was sitting on the edge of the bed in pain and frustrated when someone walked into the room off the street.  He asked if we could help him, but when I pleaded that I was the one in pain that needed help he told us he could get us pain relievers or anything we wanted.  "You know what I need brother?  I need some Jesus!"

LEG 2:
84m-12m =72miles
8,999ft-2625ft = 6374ft
Started 11am (Vallejo) finished 5pm? (SF)

LEG 3:
Started the day with Jenelle from  Stacie Riddle's house.  Shin still wouldn't let go, and we walked all day.  Walked along the beach and it felt good in the cold water.  Collapsed at the end Milagre Ridge.  Jenelle left me.  As I remembered how to dance I began to loosen.  Met Jenelle at Jikoji for the best rest I've ever had.

LEG 4:
Think I remember seeing 70's on the watch and telling Zac and Oliver I ran over 80 miles on this leg. elevation is a guess from my google earth made route map.
I got to Blue oak around 9pm Friday

LEG 5:
8 days, over 350 miles primarily on the Bay Area Ridge Trail.
"... it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast."


The Strava activities: