FKT: Luis Cocco - Lollipop 240 (FL) - 2023-05-01

Route variation
lollipop out & back
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
4d 8h 31m 52s
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I completed the Lollipop 240 route beginning in Hobe Sound Beach traveling west across the Ocean to Lake Hiking trail to the L.O.S.T./NENA trailhead. I then proceeded to circumnavigate Lake Okeechobee along the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail and then returned east along the Ocean to Lake Hiking Trail finishing with a plunge into the Atlantic Ocean at Hobe Sound Beach for a total of 241.14 miles. It was an amazing experience teeming with wildlife and incredible scenery.

The weather fluctuated drastically throughout the journey including thunderstorms, windy conditions, tornado warnings and high heat index. The rain caused significant increase in flooding on the Ocean to Lake Hiking Trail for the return trip towards the ocean, making it an additional challenge reaching the finish. Additionally, towards the end of my trek I was racing to beat a prescribed burn in the area that would make a portion of the trail inaccessible. Fortunately, with the help of the incredible ultra and trail community I was able to cross the area before the burn began.

I was fully crewed and supported throughout the course for my nutrition and hydration needs. In addition, I had pacers that came in at different random portions of the course that accompanied me for several miles at a time.

I could not have reached my goal of completing this extremely challenging course without the help of the ultra and trail community, my family and friends. My crew and pacers were amazing and provided me with the support I needed to reach the finish. Thank you to Mannie, Lucien, Tuan, Cindi, Matthew, Joey, Mike, Amy, Luc, Mark, Janet, Bett, Amy, Rob, Jeff, Leo, Ramon and everyone else that provided words of encouragement and support throughout my attempt.