FKT: Lukasz Grynda - Orlica > Neratov - 2022-08-13

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3h 31m 51s

I started from parking near Zieleniec. The first short part is a steep uphill to the Orlica/Vrchmezí summit. After that, there's a long, almost flat trail to Masarykova Chata shelter where you can buy some beverages and food (but for me it was too early for that). From there, there is an easy uphill forest road to Velka Destna summit. The road is a gravel path and goes near the asphalt one (more frequented). Near the top, you can buy something in a small hut. The next section is mostly a wild, narrow path with a lot of long grass that keeps morning dew for a long time (I got my shoes completely wet). The way to Kunštátská kaple is very pleasant, with beautiful views, in some places a bit muddy. About half a km from there, a wider, gravel road starts (up to the end of the trail). The last part is a very steep downhill. As I was tired after my longest run, this part was the most challenging for my legs. At the end, in Neratov, there's a store where you can buy food/drinks and even beer from a local brewery. You can also catch a bus from there. Unfortunately, the bus does not get you to the starting point, but you can back at least half of the way. I left a car at the start point and ask someone to pick me up from Neratov.