FKT: Luke Bollschweiler - Clingman's Dome, Appalachian Trail (NC, TN) - 2021-07-17

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1h 39m 47s

The weather was great! Cool 65 degrees and a bit misty. The trail was a bit wet but that's par for the course in the smokies! Had a bad ankle roll at about 5 minutes in that dampened the day but I ignored it and still had a good day. This trail is technical--t's a fun challenge! The faster you run the more technical it feels! I was able to set the Ascent FKT today at about a 95% effort (I was holding back for the Descent) but I think there's a 1:25 out there among the area's elite 10K'ers! Go get it! This would be a great FKT to challenge while visiting the Smokies with your family--your family drives up the road to the top and meets you there. Be sure to run to the top of the observation tower! It's part of the FKT!