FKT: Luke Bollschweiler - Rocky Top - Thunderhead - Brier Knob Loop (TN) - 2021-04-10

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 2m 50s

It was a good day in the mountains! The weather was a bit warm down in the valley but the mountain tops were breezy and about 45-50 degrees.
I started out climbing pretty hard and when I rolled through Thunderhead I knew I was only a few minutes off the current FKT holder Jevin Hoeper's pace. But by the time I traversed across the AT spine to Derrick Knob, I now new I had cut some serious time off Jevin's pace, and I was optimistic I could take the FKT. So I began the descent from Derrick with a determination to let my legs flow fast through these sweet downhill miles! And this is where I really took time off Jevin's time (he descended in 1:06 and I descended in 0:52). I really love this downhill. Technical and fast-- I was surprised to beat my own Strava Segment CR on this downhill section.