FKT: Luke Bollschweiler - Schuylkill River Trail (PA) - 2021-11-25

Route variation
Parkerford - Philadelphia
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 33m 19s

Decided to go for the FKT prior to Thanksgiving Dinner while visiting our family in Philly! Great weather! 8am: 34 and sunny. 1pm: 50 and sunny. I’m very happy to have been able to run almost even splits. Started the day around 7:20 splits and finished around 7:30 splits. Flat and fast course. I went through the marathon in 3:14 and it felt good. Made me think I should maybe actually train for a marathon and try for a new PR!! Never had a problem and didn’t really have to dig too deep. Just tried to stay consistent. Beat the previous FKT by about 1hr so I didn’t have to stress but got to just focus on running fast and smooth. Only regret was I should have brought more food. I only ate 4 small granola bars (about one per hour). I relied too much on liquid calories (68 oz of gatorade I carried from the start) and it made me have to stop to pee too often. But it never felt bad. If it had been a race I'm sure I would have pushed harder. It's a nearly totally flat course so I'm sure there's a local PA fast marathoner who could go out and set the new FKT next weekend! Good luck!