FKT: Luke Gangi-Wellman - Fairyland Loop, Bryce Canyon NP (UT) - 2021-10-22

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1h 2m 12s
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I'm guessing there's someone out there who's done this faster... but I have yet to find them.

One of my favorite ways to experience Bryce, and exceptionally fun when completed as a run. I began from the main visitor parking by Sunrise Pt. and completed the loop from there. Completed a second time with friends (much slower) as you'll see in my activity on Strava.

The trails are well groomed and very easy to run. Descents are smooth and curvy, climbs are all runnable, and views are of course unbelievable. I would recommend running it hard, but going back to walk it afterwards. There are many sights you'll miss when your eyes are focused on the trail!