FKT: Luke Nelson, Jared Campbell - Utah Thirteeners (UT) - 2017-07-08

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1d 8h 50m 0s

Jared Campbell and Luke Nelson set a new FKT for this of 32h50m on July 7-8, 2017. Jared said: "Our route was very similar to that of Tom Goth and Jason Dorais, with the notable exception of opting for a long out-and-back from Gunsight to Gilbert instead of tromping across Henry's Fork. I feel that our alteration has little if any benefit and if I were to do it again I would likely choose their route. Overall it's a remarkably scenic route, especially the first half. Of the ~62 miles about 50 of them are legitimate boulder-hopping on loose talus, so one must have a high tolerance for such terrain. Our barometric altimeter suggests it has 22.6kft of ascent." The trip is reported on, with some nice photos.