FKT: Luke Taylor, Francisco Javier Cabrera Valdes - Ring of Inverpolly - 2022-04-23

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
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Total time
11h 41m 8s

We run together but individually unsupported (each one of us carrying his own stuff without sharing).

Apart from Alec Keith's original run in 1998 (13h 12m) and my first attempt in 2020 (when somehow I managed to make it 10k longer due to bad route choices, in 14h 12m) there were no other known attempts. When Luke suggested the idea of doing it together I was really keen on giving it another go, particularly with him, who is a faster runner.

We set off just before 6am, some clouds and cool breeze in the morning but clear blue skies and warmer weather the rest of the day. Dry weather the previous days meant that river crossings weren't an issue, the deepest (before climbing Suilven) only knee high. Even the boggy rough bits (many of them) were not too bad.

Knowing most of the route from my previous attempt was very helpful and also thanks to Luke, being a faster runner than myself, I had to push hard trying to keep up with him and I'm sure I couldn't have done it that fast without him.

Francisco Javier Cabrera Valdes