FKT: Maggie Fox - Newport Cliff Walk (RI) - 2023-12-30

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 2m 34s
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I started at 2:14pm and ran solo. Temp was in the low 40s. I did not fuel. There were more people than expected on a late December weekend, but it was easy enough to run around everyone. 
I was more than a little set back when I encountered the mandatory detour. A section of the trail has been closed off due to erosion. I had to turn up Narragansett Ave, run over a block, and then down Webster St to return to the trail. This added an extra .24 miles. 
At mile 3.1 I had to stop to tie my shoe. I ran a little long at the turnaround point just to make sure it recorded the full segment. 
It was harder to navigate around people on the rocky section during the return, probably because everyone had turned around to make it back before sunset. 
The rocky sections have metal trail blazes marking the route…they are easier to follow from the North to South route. I had to cut back a couple time to find the correct trail on the return.