FKT: Maike Sonnewald, Katherine Rosenfeld - High Sierra Trail (CA) - 2018-06-22

Route variation
with Whitney summit
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 13h 1m 12s

This was definitely a great idea.

We decided to go for it without a crew, helped only by a band of friends knowing what we were doing. I rocked up nursing a hangover from the Turrito wedding, and Katherine was the designated sensible one. We started at night, passing the stream of hikers up to the summit. Some altitude sickness mostly cleared when we got back down. An old injury got Katherine, and my kidneys failed after hours in the oven-like valley. 

We passed some rangers who didn't believe us when we said we were running, and insisted we had the wrong permit. 

I cried more than once, maybe due to pain/exhaustion but more likely as it was just so beautiful. The yo-yo seems like a great idea, but maybe I won't start by throwing up for 24h as kidneys are useful. I checked.