FKT: Mallory Brooks - Grand Canyon Crossings (AZ) - 2021-05-08

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1d 1h 29m 45s

The plan was to do a 12.5 hour first half, but I came in at 11 hrs, 11 min, feeling good enough to turn around and do it again, so I did. I have the absolute best crew of all time, and their smiles and hugs along the way made all the difference. It was very hot (over 100 at the bottom) so managing fluids was crucial. I filled up at every water spot and crawled down to the river to filter fresh water when I ran out in between. I broke the 88ish mile run into 7-8 mile chunks, so it never seemed too insurmountable. I was trying to break the R2R2R2R2R supported FKT of 28:11, so I set the goal of 27:00. Final finishing time was 25:29:45. I’ve been planning this for two years, after a failed attempt in 2019. I’m too tired right now to comprehend it, but I am overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for this amazing crew of friends and flattery that so many logged on to watch my little GPS dot move across a digital map. Thank you, Justin Cameron for being the most amazing, high-spirited pacer through the night.