FKT: Manuel Mederle - Guardian Peaks Trifecta (OR, WA) - 2022-07-06

Route variation
open course, with car
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
16h 7m 34s

Mt. Hood/ Wy'East 3:20am Start at Timberline Lodge. Southside Standard route via Old Chute, the Gates where out for the season. Conditions weren't ideal, bad visibility - got lost on the way down going up and over Crater rock for about 10-12minutes. Car2Car 3hrs 9min.

Mt. Adams / Pahto 8:26am After a little over 2hrs driving I started the South Climb of Mt. Adams. Life was good 'till Lunch Counter, conditions once again pretty bad after that. Slower moving toward the false summit and then on. Downhill was fun. Car2Car 4hrs 35min

Mt. St. Helens / Loowit 4:23pm Drive to Helens was good, changed my clothes and dried most of my things (the duties that come with the unsupported style). Gates to the Climbers Bivouac was closed, so I got to run the 3miles to the TH which added on time... Ups must have not checked that / Climb up via Monitor Ridge went well finally out of snow, glissading down was super fun.

Overall pretty stoked about this effort, total elapsed time 16hr 7min.