FKT: Marc Fortier - Lahaina Pali trail - 2022-03-15

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1h 44m 57s
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Truly one of my favourite runs I have done to date.  I was dropped of at the Maalaea trailhead.  I started running but was quickly reminded that I had not acclimatized to the hear in only being in Hawaii for three days and coming from negative temperatures in Canada.  The trail begins to climb within the first half mile or so and then you are essentially climbing for the next 2 miles.  starting from this trailhead the path is primarily dirt with no shade whatsoever.  once you make it to the windmills (about halfway) the views of the ocean and shoreline are amazing.  It is downhill for the remainder of the trail but is lined with many large boulders.   There are literally three trees on the entire route so if you are susceptible to heat, i recommend a light coloured long sleeve running shirt and plenty of water.  Can't wait to head back and do this one again.  I'll be better prepared for the heat in order to bring this time down. (sorry my pictures are not loading)