FKT: Marc Laveson - Kalalau Trail (HI) - 2014-10-07

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 26m 26s

On 10/7/2014 I ran the Kalalau Trail in 4:26:26, which I believe is the new FKT. I will publish a blog to this website with my Garmin data and full splits when I return to San Francisco. 

I left Ke'e Beach at 6:41am, crossed Hanakoa River in 1:02, and made it to the waterfall at the end of Kalalau Beach in 2:02. I spent 5 minutes taking pictures, watching an insane surfer being towed by a jetski through the breaks, and soaking in the awesome scenery before turning back. I left the Waterfall at 2:07, crossed Hanakoa River at 3:02, and hit the trail head at 4:26:26. 

It was a perfect day to be on the trail. There was no rain, which made for ideal trail conditions given how slippery the mud and rocks are when wet. The entire trail is runnable, even "Crawlers Ledge," however the footing is extremely technical at times which slowed down some of the major descents. And if the waterfalls, ocean, and hills do not distract you, then you're doing something wrong. During my run I carried an Ultimate Direction Peter Bawkin backpack with ~65oz of water, which was a perfect amount. For calories I had 3 GU's and a baby can of coke. 

I set out on my run with a secondary goal of the FKT and a primary goal to enjoy the scenery. I spent about 25ish minutes taking pictures, enjoying the waterfalls, and talking to people along the way. I believe this trail can be accomplished in sub 4 hours with a serious attempt.

[Note that Laveson did post a trip report on his blog, but the link is now broken.]