FKT: Marco Bosio - Thames Down Link (UK) - 2019-01-06

Gender category
Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
3h 8m 36s
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I noticed the route was not yet part of the FKT list so I took the chance of a long training run to do it. Being a reasonably popular route in London this could be more an OKT than an FKT. Especially in the initial 10 miles the route winds a lot and signs are rare and hard to find. I got lost a couple of times and had to walk back, the GPX will show that. As the path gets out of London, the countryside opens and running is definitely more pleasant. As the path is at times along a brook, it can be very muddy. Instead, it dries once you get out of the M25 belt where the chalky terrain provides a lot of loose rocks. 

Here is the source I used for the route: 

It has a link to open the route on google maps, I guess that will be particularly useful for all wanting to repeat it.


Good effort Marco. I like these types of routes; very accessible for regular runners but long and tricky enough to make getting a fast time a bit of a challenge. Look forward to seeing how many people tackle it this year.

Good running.   I’ve done this run in two out and back sessions though I’m now tempted to do it in one and train it back.   I’m not surprised you went off route a few times as it’s far from well sign posted and some of the turns are not obvious.