FKT: Marcus Quintiliano - Coastal Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park (ON, Canada) - 2017-07-22

Route variation
Chalfant Cove to Agawa Bay CG (63km)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
12h 7m 24s

On Saturday, July 22, several friends and I ran the full Coastal Trail from Chalfont Cove to the Agawa Bay Visitor Center. Kristy McBride set a new women's FKT of 13:14:00. Marcus Quintiliano set the new FKT of 12:07:24. Our attempt followed the route outlined by Victoria and Sam. This streamlined route eliminates the out and back side trail to the Devil's Chair. Our attempt was supported.

In the process of running the full trail, Marcus also barely set a new FKT for the "short route" from the end of the Gargantua Rd to ABVC. The new short route FKT is 10:46:00. Brad Jenning's short route time of 10:47:49 still stands as the self supported FKT because our day was supported. 

This video trip report has the story of our day including the rain that slowed us down and how hard I pushed at the end when I realized how close I was to Brad's time.

This is the GPS page for the run from my Suunto watch.

- Marcus