FKT: Marilyne Marchand Gouin - Trans Adirondack Route (NY) - 2015-09-05

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Standard route
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10d 6h 46m 0s

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I found the route interesting and challenging, especially the off-route sections. Compass skills are a must on this route. Maps and a guidebook are available from the route's official website. You won't find any Trans Adirondack route specific signs or markers so the maps are a must if you want to follow the official route.
Traveling in September, I did not encounter many other hikers and no other through hiker. In fact most people I met had never heard of the Trans Adirondack Route. The route follows the Northville Placid Trail for some sections and most people thought I was hiking that trail.
The route crosses the Adirondacks High Peaks area where a bear canister is mandatory when camping. However, by planning your route accordingly, you can cross this section in a day, avoiding the bear canister requirement. I hiked with an Ursack food bag that I hung on a tree each night and I did not have any issues with wildlife.