FKT: Mario Mendoza - South Sister (OR) - 2020-10-31

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round trip
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Total time
2h 7m 13s
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Got some peer pressure from Paul and Max to go after an FKT so I went after Max's roundtrip record. The mountain season has been weird with smoke and then early snow storm but it cleared up enough to tag the full summit. I was more worried about the downhill than the uphill and in the end, it's the downhill where I ran best. After getting through the techy/steep section I pushed those last few miles. Not many people on the mountain, which made it ideal for something like this. I was blessed with good weather and probably a bit overdressed (carried rain jacket around waist). Thought the record was 2:08 but then I saw in the upload it was 2:07 so I barely squeaked under it by 33 seconds.