FKT: Marius Prigge, Victoria Große - Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg (Germany) - 2019-04-21

Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Route variation
Standard route
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2d 3h 47m

Malerweg Day 1 - From the start in Liebethal we ran throu Lohmen and Wehlen (with the Felsentor in between) to the old Bastei-Brücke. From Zero to the finest Trails and Natur-Rock buildings you only find here in Elb-Sandstein-Gebirge. The way goes on to Rathen and Burg-Hohnstein. Finaly we cross Altendorf and the beautyfull and deep canyon Kirnitzschtal, here ist our first hotel.
44.9km | 5:27:40h | 1.101hm
Malerweg Day 2 - The start of day two was also named as the heart of the Malerweg. We pass the Schrammsteine and went up to the Kuhstall, after that we had a long trail to the Großer-Winterberg (the highest Point of the Tour) and downhill to Schmilka. Schmilka was something like the paradise because of tasty German stuff like Bratwurst and Beer (without alc its mandatory ;) ). we had a long stop before crossing the Elbe with a boat. On the Southern Side of the Elbe the ways are more roady and it was very hot on this day. It felt like 30°C. I had a short bad view on the map and some km later we found us in a village wich wasnt find on the card. Now I had to ask my Mobile phone and we recocnize that I managed the way wrong at a difficould corner. holy sh.... we were very exausted because of the heat now. I´m happy Victoria wasnt to grumpy than and we ran as fast as we can over the roads to Papstdorf. Second step finished.
55.9km | 8:37:26h | 1.846hm
Malerweg Day 3 - This should be an easier day we thought. but it wasnt. it was beautiful landscape like ión the last days, dont misunderstand me, but we were damaged from the hard day before. slowly we began to run over the Papststein, the Pfaffenstein and straight to Festung Königstein. Almmost 15k from there, and 15k to go, halftime. Te ways come out more technical because of the short steep hills and the woods on the ground. with every km we went happier because the finish wasnt far away anymore. the last km were on a hilly trail next to the Elbe but perhaps 50-70m upper. very beautiful view from here. The finish is in Pirna and we had the biggest Icebug we founded there. 
30.2km | 4:17:05h | 977hm