FKT: Mark Hartell - Backbone Trail (CA) - 2012-03-24

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
12h 9m 0s

I am pleased to report that my run yesterday (Saturday March 24th) went well and I completed the Backbone Trail from East to West in 12 hours and 09 minutes. (We had 12:08 on watches but the timestamped camera used at start and finish shows 07:15 to 19:24 so I am claiming 12:09).

This run was solo but expertly crewed by my wife Lynn (much thanks and kudos).

Conditions were close to ideal - all run in daylight and with early cloud. It cleared and I got hot toiling up the long pull from Piuma but, really, it was a cool day for this area and this time of year.

Split times - out of each support point are:
Start - 07:15
Dead Horse - 09:06
Stunt and Schueren - 10:06
Las Virgenes/Piuma - 11:22
Corral Canyon - 12:26
Kanan Road - 13:38
Mulholland Drive - 14:50
Yerba Buena/Mishe Mokwa - 16.21
Danielson Ranch (no support) - 17:55
Finish - 19:24

I had run all of the trail 3 weeks earlier as part of a group expertly guided by Howard Cohen. On the day I reached 3 intersections where I was not sure of the direction and in each case Howards notes provided the answer. Thus I lost a maximum of 4-5 minutes on navigation hesitation.

A fuller account of the day will be posted later today to my blog at:

Huge thanks to Lynn for world class crewing, Howard for the recce run and route notes, Poolside and Pete Tong for some great sounds when the legs were hurting and all those who responded to Lynns posts during the day.