FKT: Mark Innocenti - Aylesbury Ring (United Kingdom) - 2021-06-05

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4h 3m 30s
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A beautiful route through fields and villages surrounding Aylesbury. Conditions were dry and bright although a slight misty start at 6am and the heavy rain from the day before was still in the grass. Heavy and overgrown vegetation in places made for slower patches where paths were less certain and nettles were very high. A good day to wear calf sleeves but by thighs are still stinging 2 days later! 

I made good progress early on to Waddesdon, through the pretty villages of Kimble and Dinton. The middle section was more variable, slightly less well trodden. Had to double back a couple of times or skirt around a field when there was no way through and styles were sometimes hard to spot in the distance. Just after Hardwick I was charged by herd of young bulls. I'm still not sure if they were just being playful/inquisitive but I wasn't prepared to find out and had to sprint to a tree for cover and then to the next style to escape, a very frightening experience although the cows look very friendly in the photograph I took just after my evasion! 

Some lovely trails through buttercup fields was a highlight. A few fields later on were a bit rutted, presumably from cattle and one huge field was almost impassable due to very high wet grass, note the 10 minute mile at mile 24 for that. I was pleased to be back on the canal towpaths for the last few miles and made good speed back to Wendover for a well deserved coffee and croissant in the sunshine by the finish :)

It had been the right decision to start early to stay out of the heat, albeit if I did the route again I would go for April when cooler and less vegetation. On the whole, a lovely route and one which I will come back to.