FKT: Mark Kerry - Brighton to Eastbourne Coastal Walk (United Kingdom) - 2021-03-05

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Total time
4h 2m 42s

This was a last minute option as had my sights on another FKT that because of work logistics meant I had to change the plan.

I hadn't really looked into this route and assumed it would mostly be road or promenade. How wrong could I have been, it was predominantly trail and fortunately for me the ground conditions were perfect as I had selected road shoes.

The weather was perfect and the route was easy to navigate, there was a section 2km in where the path was closed due to falling rocks and I tried to navigate around this by finding an alternative route through the Marina. In the end I felt like I was losing too much time so went back and climbed the fence at each end (I wouldn't recommend this and would stick to the clifftop for this section.

Once past the marina it's all plain sailing along small sections various other trails including the GMT, Sussex Ouse valley Way, Seahaven Coastal Path, Vanguard Way and finally along a large stretch of the South Downs Way.

This is a beautiful section of coastal path with the sea constantly to your right, it's a route I'd highly recommend.

I ran unsupported and carried water and gels.