FKT: Mark Kerry, David Bone - New Forest E-W (United Kingdom) - 2021-02-05

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3h 34m 2s
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Great route with a diverse mixture of terrain. There were roads, gravel paths and very muddy trails that traversed the whole of the New Forest. Some of the trails were harder to spot because of the leaves that had fallen and some sections were extremely boggy with thick mud which slowed us down and also zapped the energy.

The route passed through some stunning scenery and we saw plenty of wildlife (Deer, Nature Ponies and Rabbits). There was also some fun stream crossing sections.

One thing to note is that at approx 27km the nav tries to take you through a section that was closed for Police Dog Training (See photo). We decided to not risk jumping the gate and circumnavigated it as best as we could, it pulled us away from the GPX for 10 mins but was easy enough to pick up again once we passed through a woodland area.

Overall a really fun route, would like to run in better conditions in the summer.