FKT: Mark Schenberger - Bryce Canyon Traverse (UT) - 2023-05-28

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4h 54m 25s
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Really backed my way into that one. Went out thinking I was hot shit and tried to run in the lower 4 hour range. Blew up mightily on the last climb out from Under the Rim Trail. Banked enough time, though, that I was able to walk/jog my way into 4:55. Just 6 minutes to spare!

On the brighter side, pretty cool to send Francois Dhaene a Strava “uh oh” message.

Little bit of deadfall in the beginning miles, but nothing too crazy and managed to escape with just a little scratch on the leg. Was probably too caught up in trying to run fast in the early miles and let my nutrition get away from. Went on to pay for it later while climbing up to the rim and during most of the final few miles which should have been very runnable - even with the crowds. Was very happy to be done afterward, but extremely unhappy that I set this up as a solo shuttle and still had to ride my bike back to the car while managing cramping legs. Might have been under the duathlon FKT as well, but won't submit as it wouldn't feel honest since I wasn't really racing on the bike section - just surviving.